Recharge Your Body With IV Therapy


Picture this. You wake up after a weekend night out and have consumed maybe one too many beverages. Your head hurts, you feel nauseous, and the sun is too bright. Or, perhaps you caught a nasty flu and haven’t been able to keep anything down for days.

Here’s where IV Therapy comes into play and helps you feel better — faster!

This article will give you all the information regarding Luminescence IV therapy and how each treatment can help remedy an extensive range of ailments and improve your overall health.

Let’s get into it!

What is IV Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy is a specialized way to administer vitamins and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream offering superior absorption and fast relief. IV Hydration delivers fluids and flushes the body of toxins by hydrating the kidneys and liver.

IV infusions may be created with unique cocktails of vitamins and minerals that target specific concerns and health conditions including:

  • Immune Strengthening
  • Anti-aging
  • Optimal Athletic Performance
  • Metabolism
  • Hangover and Headache Relief
  • Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Chronic Fatigue

IV Therapy is a fast and easy way to get essential nutrients while also being easier on the digestive system.

Luminescence IV Therapy

At Luminescence Aesthetics, we offer a variety of customized solutions that address a variety of issues and help our clients achieve overall better wellness. Take a look at the IV blends we offer!

Essential Blends

QUENCH – The ultimate in hydration that combats dehydration fatigue

Contains Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin B blend, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Selenium

GET-UP-AND-GO – Kickstart your metabolism and feel renewed energy!
Contains B Vitamins, Glutamine, Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine, Citrulline, and Carnitine

BE WELL IMMUNITY – Fight back against illness and boost your immune system for further protection

Contains Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin B blend, and Zinc

REBOOT – The best hangover remedy!

Contains Ondansetron, Vitamin B blend, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Selenium

ALLEVIATE & RELIEVE – Say goodbye to PMS symptoms!

Contains Calcium Chloride, Magnesium, Hydroxocobalamin, and Vitamin B blend.

Premium Blends
MYERS’ COCKTAIL – Not the beverage, but an infusion considered the “Gold Standard” of wellness

Contains Magnesium, Vitamin B, Calcium Gluconate, and Ascorbic Acid

INNER BEAUTY – Naturally get rid of acne, wrinkles, and dull skin from the inside out

Contains Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin B blend, and Biotin

BRAINSTORM – Need to clear brain fog? Refresh and reset!

Contains Folic Acid, B12, Taurine, and Alpha Lipoic Acid

RECOVERY & PERFORMANCE – The perfect remedy after an intensive workout that lessens recovery time!

Contains Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin B blend, Glutamine, Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine, Citrulline, Carnitine, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Selenium

Infusions for Better Health

IV Therapy has become a popular choice everywhere due to its multiple benefits — and the quickness with which these benefits can be seen and felt.

The IV infusion process itself is easy and relaxing. From start to finish, our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your session.

Whether you need relief from illness and other health conditions, or if you simply want to improve your overall health, Luminescence offers IV therapy options for your needs.

Contact our Buffalo, NY office to set up your infusion appointment!

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