PDO Threads

What are PDO threads?

A polydioxanone (PDO) thread is a stitch made up of a solid protein that is thinner than a piece of hair. There are two types of threads: smooth threads and lifting threads. Smooth threads are placed under the skin and increases blood flow and stimulates elastin and college. Lifting threads lift and tighten the skin instantly and help reduce visible signs of aging. A thread lift is a cosmetic treatment that can give your skin a more youthful appearance without requiring surgery. In addition, thread lifts stimulate collagen production, which is a protein that naturally declines as you age and is responsible for making your skin more firm and supple. The procedure is known for having a fast recovery time and a low risk of complications.

How do PDO threads work?

  • Several PDO threads are inserted under the skin in a hashtag pattern to ensure uniform collagen production

  • The thread will increase blood flow to the area and create new collagen and elastin production

  • The thread is then absorbed after 3-6 months leaving a new production of collagen in its place 

PDO threads actually lift sagging skin and is a less invasive alternative to a face lift!


Why PDO threads?

  • Builds your own collagen naturally
  • quick and minimally invasive treatment
  • high safety profile
  • immediate results that improve over time

Who is a Good Candidate for PDO threads?

  • Those experiencing early signs of aging
  • Those who don’t want to have cosmetic surgery
  • Those who have had a previous face or neck lift and want to refresh their results

Where can I get PDO threads?

  • Face:
    • Sagging skin of the cheeks, jowls, jawline, and lower face
    • Stubborn forehead lines and 11’s
    • Undereye rejuvenation
    • Cheek rejuvenation
    • Jawline
    • Smokers lines around the mouth
  • Neck
  • Abdomen



What happens after PDO threads?

After your thread procedure, you should be able to return home. It’s common to experience some swelling and bruising around the treatment area. Your medical professional will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for your skin, which may include:

  • Using a cold compress or ice pack to help reduce swelling
  • Avoiding washing your face for at least 24 hours
  • Refraining from using makeup for several days
  • Not applying face moisturizer for a few weeks
  • Sleeping in a slightly elevated position to help minimize swelling

By following these aftercare instructions, you can help promote a successful recovery from your thread lift procedure.

For more information see our FAQ Page & Our Pre & Post Treatment Guide!